5 year anniversary at Citrus!

Wow, congratulations to Christof Hupp who celebrates 5 years with Citrus today!

Christof is an all-round good guy and a constant high achiever, especially during the last 3 years where he has played a key role in the success of Citrus.

What a journey it’s been through all the ups and downs of the recruitment business. Along the way, we’ve had a lot of laughs … at times a bit too many … and we’ve overcome every obstacle that ended up in our way!

As a well-deserved special reward for always giving his very best and investing 5 years in Citrus, Christof has chosen a MacBook Pro which he will receive shortly!

Thanks from the whole team for the dedication, hard work and friendship over the last 5 years, it is very much appreciated!

#hardworkpaysoff #team #loyalty #reward #respect

Von Kash Prasad
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