Moving out … of the comfort zone!

For me, moving is generally a terrible business. Upheaval, packing and unpacking boxes and a lot of stress. But in every negative there is also a positive and in a small company like Citrus it really takes everyone out of their comfort zone. Have you ever realized that every time you really step out of your comfort zone and take on a challenge, you really grow as a person? Every real challenge that we master gives us more knowledge and experience and this in turn turns into trust and strength, which has an overall positive effect on our way of thinking when tackling future challenges! This is exactly why we decided to move. We want to grow and our goal was to find a new home for Citrus that would offer our “work family” a lively environment inside and outside the office. A place where people are really happy and where work and life mesh well. Well, we have left our comfort zone and achieved this goal!

All the boxes are unpacked and Citrus is now at home in an absolutely stunning brand new building called NOVE, designed by star architect Antonio Citterio. The concept is a 5 star environment that offers the luxury and ambience of a hotel. Even a concierge service is included! We have a networking café, a roof terrace with a wonderful view over Munich, first-class conference rooms and… .waiting for… bikes for short trips through the city!

Our new home is in Munich’s Arnulfpark. It is a fantastic, vibrant city center location with a great infrastructure including cool restaurants, supermarkets, fitness centers, a beautiful green park and excellent public transport connections. We also have neighbors such as Google, Salesforce, Ernst & Young, PWC, CHECK24, Walt Disney and many promising tech startups. It’s extremely international here and the mix of people bustling around the food trucks at lunchtime (Vietnamese, Thai, burgers, Italians, etc.) is simply fantastic!

This is the type of environment that people really love to be in and that everyone likes to get out of their comfort zone. Needless to say, we are more motivated than ever to grow!

Citrus is currently looking for personnel consultants and young professionals who will join our “work family” and help us shape the future. If you are interested, just give us a call and come by and take a look at the area and what is on offer. We are sure you will like it!

You can find more information in the “Recruitment Professionals” section, where you can find out more about our unique culture and the positions we have to fill.

Von Kash Prasad
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